Help us to reach out For those who need us

חלוקת מזון בפסח עם שירי מימון
חלוקת שמיכות ותנורים לילדים וקשישים

 warehouse required

Three times a year the organization provides clothing and footwear from the best brands, all are new! All are donations from big companies. This saves thousands of dollars a year for each individual poor in need. This days we need to organize a place to be the base for all this above so we are looking for a warehouse contribution for a month only!

For more details please call * 8635

Gala Event

The annual Gala Event of Hom Association this year will be held in September, at the home

of Mr. Cohen in Rishpon.

Ensured the participation right now, on behalf of the starving children of Israel, for the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, which distributed thousands of food packages for the needy thanks to you.

For more details please call * 8635

Come and volunteer!

We are getting prepared for the packaging and distributing operation food baskets for needy

families for Rosh Hashanah

For further information and dates for volunteer please contact -

Moses at 0544.71.07.01

or call  *8635

Painting needy people's life

More volunteers needed for small repairs and painting the houses of needy children and


For more details  -

please call  * 8635

What are we doing in the organization?

Watch the movie!

For further details

Call *8635