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Hom Charity Number: 58-042-160-0

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8635*  03-9228551 

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 About us

Hom Association was founded by a team of educators who had witnessed the plight of hungry children every school day in their work. They could not stand on the sidelines, aside from being hungry children, they were also poor children.

When they finished their shifts (mornings/ afternoons) the team of educators, began to actually help those needy families on food assistance and repair of electrical appliances, windows, doors and help with clothing and footwear.

Home visits were conducted in which students were exposed to horrifying scenes, Single parent living with broken windows and old washing machines in need of repair. The old refrigerator with empty food and operational condition was defined as shocking. But there is no one to repair.

The activity of the educators made wings and reached the ears of many media people in Israel who admired them! Then, they themselves begin as well to join them and took part in that assistance.

Two of them are Judy Shalom Nir Mozes -media personality, TV anchor, radio broadcaster

and an Israeli journalist which is today the president of the association, and Nissim Mishal the journalist, TV personality and Radio broadcaster.

They decided to take Hom under their association and began to work diligently day and Night, quickly they have brought Hom organization to be a major operating in Israel.

Difficult to describe in words the cases of poor children witnessed by us:

Empty refrigerator, dry bread with water mixed with sugar because there isn’t any hot chocolate.

The poor clothes in winter with the cold nights without heaters or warm blankets.

The tax men standing in the doorway due to non-payment of gas, electricity etc.

School breaks without any sandwiches, hiding the shame from the other children around.

The delays in school classes because of financial lake of getting private help lessons.

Mom's daily crying knowing there is no source of funding for the treatment of teeth and / or

the purchase of eyeglasses for her children who suffer, accompanied by the sorrow of being an orphan without a father supporting them.

We sadly witnessed all described above day by day!

The lists of children living in poverty we receive from welfare offices, school principals or direct complaints.

Each family is reviewed by professionals such as lawyers, doctors, psychologists and accountants who are all volunteers.

They are also those who attending the homes in need and gives us their recommendation.

We aim to change and alleviate the suffering of those poor children, with your help.

We will achieve it only thanks to you!

Your contribution and your support is very important, therefor we will be happy to meet and introduce you to all our activities in the organization at any time you wish.

It should be noted that the association operates by volunteers only and nobody is hired but the secretary.


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8635*  03-9228551 

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