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The Heat Association was founded by a team of educators who witnessed the plight of hungry children every day at the school where they taught, and could not stand aside. Apart from being hungry children, they were also poor children.

During home visits that took place in the students' homes, shocking plays were revealed. Sick or single parents living in rented accommodation with broken windows and old washing machines in need of repair. The old refrigerator is empty of food and its operational condition is defined as shocking. But there is no one to fix it

Upon completion of the morning / afternoon shift, the team of educators began helping families in need of food assistance and repairing electrical appliances, windows, doors and assistance with clothing and footwear.


Hearing the activity of the educators made wings and reached the ears of many media people in Israel, who admired the activity of the educators and as a result they even took part in the same assistance.

Two of them are Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, who currently serves as the association's president, and Nissim Mashaal. The above even increased and took the Heat Association under their auspices and began to operate at full vigor day and night.

They made the Heat Association one of the largest and most active associations in Israel.


Distribution of clothing and footwear

Distribution of food on Saturdays and holidays to thousands of families

Distribution of food labels of leading chains

Distribution of coats, blankets and stoves every winter

Student tutoring

Dental care and eyeglass distribution

Distribution of schoolbags and stationery

Help with medication purchase

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